Açaí is a fruit from the Amazonian region, which has long been time adopted by indigenous people as an integral part of their diet.

the native food

the native food

The super food

Recent studies have attributed Acai to the name “Super Food” because it contains powerful antioxidants, high fiber, vitamins and proteins, and a high content of essential fatty acids and monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats.
Positioning at the top of the antioxidant ranking, above the goji berries, red fruits and pomegranates, the açaí contributes actively to the prevention of coronary diseases and chronic degenerative diseases, acts as a facilitator of blood flow preventing clots formation and hypertension. Its efficient fight against free radicals is also a powerful weapon against cell aging.

The most well known benefits are:

Helps in muscle regeneration and is an energetic fruit much requested by sportsmen. The relevant potassium content prevents such unwanted cramps and the iron intake translates into an effective combat against fatigue;

It is an ally in the fight against cholesterol and heart problems, due to the high concentration of essential fatty acids – Omegas 3, 6 and 9;

Combats premature aging, prevents degenerative diseases and artery diseases, due to the high content of antioxidants;

Promotes the proper functioning of the digestive system, given that its composition registers a significant concentration of fibers;

Regulates satiety levels, due to its low glycemic index and fibers, making it a valuable aid in weight loss regimens;

Contains high content Calcium – for healthy bones and teeth.

Our açaí prepared is made from biological pulp, is nutritionally complete, and very tasty. Undergoing heat treatment and aseptic packaging, Tribe’s açaí is in microbiological stability and therefore does not require preservatives.

It is a versatile fruit, providing satisfaction in the most diverse forms of consumption:

In the bowl, healthy and nutritious, served simple or accompanied with granola, assorted fruit and yogurt, the bowl version presents itself for a complete and balanced meal.

And for the gumiest there are perfect combinations that are an authentic treat of flavors, such as açaí with condensed milk or with honey, dried fruits and a huge variety of tops and syrups. The acai in the bowl makes everyone’s delight!

Pure energy in juices and smoothies – with acai alone or combined with other fruits, pleasure is guaranteed!

In the most delicious desserts – Bavaroise; Charlotte; Semi-cold, Cheese Cake etc .;

In drinks, like the irresistible acai caipirinha;

Culinary Sauces – For an exotic and special touch on your meat or fish dishes, or in syrup to cover desserts.

our products

We offer various forms of commercialization such as Acai Ice Cream, in a 2.5l box or 150ml glasses, rich toasted Granola and sweetened with honey, and, for catering, we offer Cups, Açaí liquid preparation and Soft ice cream machine.