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The history

Global Tribe was born in 2016, with the mission of making known the proven qualities of the Amazonian products. Under the slogan “The Native Food” decides to continue a project started in 2013, producing açaí.

Synergies were created at the origin (Brazil), which allowed the conception of a unique product, with exceptional quality, developed by suitably qualified food engineers.
This way began to be produced the Tribe açaí, combining the original purity of the fruit with an exclusive and refined taste.

The Tribe brand was created based on the premise of making the açaí’s exceptional properties available to the general public, with proven health benefits.

Since then, the focus has been on ensuring the excellence of the products sold and being a reference for customers, with regard to satisfaction.

The future is challenging, but consolidated, in the certainty that the best is yet to come.


  • Transparency in execution;
  • Excellence in quality;
  • Passion.

Social and Environmental Responsibility

GlobalTribe collaborates with the best possible local partners – PALAMAZ and BELLAMAZON, our suppliers of pure/raw Açaí – and contributes ethically to a sustainable local development by respecting both the environment, which we are part of and where our products come from, and the local people.


The cultivation and the harvesting of our Açaí are done manually and naturally, applying agricultural practices that have been used for centuries by the region´s native people, in perfect harmony with nature, cherishing local skills and culture.
The sowing is carried out by “broadcasting”, a technique that reproduces ancient processes of nature, where the dissemination of seeds is done primarily by birds and other animals of the Amazon region that feed on Açaí. ImageDuring the germination and the development of the plants, we raise the local workers’ awareness for preserving the native fauna and flora, helping them to find alternative products and alternative ways of life earning without harming the natural resources. Besides, we make sure that the vegetal species that combine with the Açaí Palm Tree serve to increase the amount of nutrients in the soil, resulting from decomposition, avoiding the need of using fertilizers.
We cultivate Biological Açaí with traceability and free of any chemical substances (ECOCERT certified). The environment provides natural fertilizers resulting from clogging of particles floating in the Amazon River.
The by-products of our production are used as soil fertilizers, combustible for heating water, and as animal feed.


The international consumption of Açaí contributes to the prosperity of the riverside local peoples by making them not exclusively dependent on fishing.
Image Image Our production and processing of Açaí creates direct and indirect jobs, supporting a healthy social-economic development.
Awareness and educational actions are organized together with local schools to incentivize the preservation of the rainforest and to value nature´s richness.

Culturals and Sports

Image Every year in Codajás, around 300 km west of Manaus, the Festival of the Super Fruit is celebrated, called Festa do Açaí in Portuguese, during which the Queen of Açaí is elected. PALAMAZ is a sponsor of the festival.

To actively encourage the young generations to practice sports and motivate them for a healthy living, BELLAMAZON sponsors the local football team.


Perfect flavor for the perfect moment.

Philip Oliveira

A fantastic surprise, on a fantastic beach day!

Ana Cardoso

I came from Brazil and the açaí da Tribe is very good.

Diogo Sabino

Tribe is an experience to repeat – very refreshing and tasty.

Nuno Sousa

Açaí is the best thing I’ve ever eaten.

Carol Moreira

A pleasant and fresh surprise, combined with food.

Miguel Malcato

With Tribe’s açaí, quality is guaranteed…

Nuno Dias

Açaí and Tribe – The perfect combination!

Alexia Tavares

The true taste of açaí, excellent at any time of the day.

Carina Oliveira

Simply amazing. I hadn’t tasted it yet and I loved it!

Rita Pinto

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Açaí is a fruit from the Amazon region, adopted for many centuries by indigenous populations as an integral part of their diet.