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The history

Global Tribe was born in 2016, with the mission of making known the proven qualities of the Amazonian products. Under the slogan “The Native Food” decides to continue a project started in 2013, producing açaí.

Synergies were created at the origin (Brazil), which allowed the conception of a unique product, with exceptional quality, developed by suitably qualified food engineers.
This way began to be produced the Tribe açaí, combining the original purity of the fruit with an exclusive and refined taste.

The Tribe brand was created based on the premise of making available and bringing to the attention of the general public the açaí exceptional properties, with proven health benefits.
Since then the bet has been ensuring the excellence of the sold products and being a reference for customers, regarding satisfaction.

The future presents itself challenging, but consolidated, in the certainty that the best is yet to come!


  • Sell products from native food, maximizing their conversion potential;
  • Make available and make known to the general public the extraordinary properties of exotic fruits, long ago consumed by the indigenous populations, for great health benefit;
  • Guarantee the excellence of all sold products;
  • Be a reference for customers, with regard to satisfaction;
  • Offer the best quality at the best price;
  • Stand out for high levels of performance, efficiency and ethics.


  • Develop strategic partnerships that align with the company Mission, generating mutual and consolidated value;
  • Create a diversified offer of high quality products that meet consumers wishes and needs;
  • Be a vanguard company, which establishes procedures based on continuous improvement, inspiring its employees and partners.


  • Transparency in execution;
  • Excellence in quality;
  • Responsibility in business – Global Tribe contributes ethically to sustainable development, respecting the environment where it is integrated, the environment from which its products come, as well as its local populations;
  • Passion.


Perfect flavor for the perfect moment.

Philip Oliveira

A fantastic surprise on a fantastic beach day!

Ana Cardoso

I came from Brazil and the açaí from Tribe is very good.

Diogo Sabino

The Tribe is a repeat experience – very refreshing and tasty.

Nuno Sousa

Acai is the best thing I’ve ever eaten.

Carol Moreira

A pleasant and fresh surprise, coupled with the food.

Miguel Malcato

With the açaí of Tribe the quality is guaranteed …

Nuno Dias

Açaí and Tribe – The Perfect Match!

Alexia Tavares

The real taste of the acai, excellent anytime of day.

Carina Oliveira

Simply amazing. Had not tasted it yet and loved it!

Rita Pinto

Native Food

About açaí

Açaí is a fruit from the Amazonian region, which has long been time adopted by indigenous people as an integral part of their diet.