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Tribe’s açaí guarana is made from organic açaí pulp. It is nutritionally balanced, respecting the original purity of the fruit. Of homogeneous and smooth texture, and with a very pleasant flavour, it is distinguished by not containing preservatives and a reduced percentage of all natural additives. It presents in two types of product: Liquid and Frozen.


Açaí Guarana 5 kg


Packaging unit: 4 x 5 kg

In search of differentiation, Tribe, through your Innovation department, developed the First Açaí Liquid in the Market, adapting to soft ice cream machine.

After extensive research from our food engineers, they always kept the qualities originating from the fruit and gathered the conditions for the launch of the Tribe’s Açaí.
In its liquid form, it was submitted to a heat treatment and aseptic packaging, being in microbiological stability.
This liquid, ready-to-use blend is very versatile and converts into the most delicious forms of presentation such as smoothies, açaí bowls or refreshing desserts. Tribe’s açaí machine turns the açaí blend into a full-bodied, fruity, velvety, fresh-tasting cream.
Our 5 kg bags contain the açaí blend in a liquid state and at room temperature which is an extraordinary advantage and unique compared to the competition:
. it is ready-to-use;
. it can be transported and stored at room temperature;
. due to its quick preparation, it is ideal for healthy food “chains”;
. it is very versatile, which gives it a high rate of profitability.

Make your business profitable
(with the practical açaí machine)

Machine dimensions: 33 cm width x 37,5 cm depth x 45,5 cm height.
This machine, manufactured to the best quality criteria, ensures that the açaí blend maintains its original properties.
In order to offer you a wide range of products to offer to your customers, Tribe provides you with the machine that, in a very practical and simple way, transforms the açaí blend into a cream which can be used to prepare the most delicious juices, smoothies, meals, and desserts.
Tribe’s açaí is not only tasty, nutritional and healthy … but also very easy to prepare: during the time that you need to prepare 1 bowl using frozen açaí (from our competitors), you are able to prepare 5 bowls using Tribe´s açaí sorbet.
… and, very important, this solution – key in hand – will provide you with a very attractive profit margin, which will help you to increase your sales.

Granola toasted and sweetened with honey 1 kg

Packaging unit: 8 x 1 kg

Our granola, prepared from a blend of whole-grain cereals, provides a high supply of fiber and mineral salts. Toasted and enriched with honey and apple, Tribe’s crunchy granola is the perfect match to our açaí cream.

Frozen Açaí Sorbet Box 2,5 L

Packaging unit: 4 x 2,5 L

Prepared from Tribe’s organic açaí pulp, this is a ready to eat sorbet with a fruity taste and a very soft texture. Ideal for Food Service.

Frozen Açaí Sorbet 150 ml – Take a Away

Packaging unit: 36 x 150 ml

Perfect for any snack, are the small sorbet bowls.

Cups – In small and large sizes

Packaging unit:
Small Cups (100 – 120 g of açaí) – 43 pieces
Large Cups (160 – 180 g of açaí) – 60 pieces

Our cups, designed with beautiful Amazonian motives, are a precious aid in dosing the product, and, more important, help you to manage your profit on sales.

Tapioca 400 g

Packaging unit: 25 x 400 g

Our manioc starch is hydrated and ready to eat. Composed essentially of carbohydrates, it is an extraordinary source of energy. It is a 100% vegetable food, without ogm’s, without salt or added sugars. Since it is Gluten Free, it is a prime alternative, for example to bread, for celiac people.